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BREXIT: Change in EU ETS Deadlines

 World Fuel Trip Support and ETS.Aero have worked together to help you learn about changes regarding the EU ETS deadlines for operators due to BREXIT.

Deadline Updates

Due to BREXIT, the UK is experiencing some changes regarding the EU ETS deadlines for Operators administered by the UK Member State for the 2018 reporting year.
Usually across the EU, the deadlines for reporting and surrendering carbon units are as follows:
  • 31 March 2019: Annual Emissions Reports(AERs) must be verified and submitted for the 2018 reporting year
  • 28 February 2019: Spain’s deadline for submitting the 2018 Verified Annual Emission Report
  • 30 April 2019: Emission units are to be purchased and surrendered for 2018.


The UK’s deadlines are:
  • 11 March 2019: Annual Emissions Reports(AERs) must be verified and submitted for the 2018 reporting year
  • 15 March 2019: Emission units are to be purchased and surrendered for 2018.

Penalty Details and Official Document

Failure to adhere to the above deadlines carries an EU penalty of 100 Euros per tonne of carbon emitted.
Operators working with World Fuel Services are encouraged to contact us in order to begin planning for the next stages in order to administer compliance.
View the official document for additional information by clicking the button below. This document sets out the UK Government response to the consultation on amending the UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme Regulations 2012, to bring forward EU Emissions Trading System 2018 compliance deadlines for UK-regulated participants to a date before 29 March 2019, the date the UK will leave the EU.

No Brexit Deal Scenario

The following applies to operators who were originally administered by the UK authority to re-establish themselves under an alternative EU country.
The UK will be excluded from participating in the EU Emissions Trading System in a ‘no deal’ scenario. This means that current participants in the EU Emissions Trading System who are UK operators of installations will no longer take part in the system and flights within the UK will no longer be covered by EU Emissions Trading System obligations. Flights between the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA) are not expected to be covered by EU Emissions Trading System obligations.
The UK will no longer be responsible for managing the EU Emissions Trading System requirements for the aircraft operators it currently administers. If those aircraft operators continue to fall within the scope of the EU Emissions Trading System (for example, if they operate intra-EEA flights after exit), these requirements will need to be administered by an EU Member State.
In a ‘no deal’ scenario, UK government will, therefore, remove requirements relating to the surrender of emissions allowances. However, to retain as much continuity as possible, the UK government intends to maintain Monitoring, Reporting and Verification arrangements.
The European Commission Regulation 389/2013, as amended by Commission Regulation 2018/208, will invalidate any allowances issued by the UK in 2019 such that they will not have any value on the carbon market.

Next Steps

The Government recognises that bringing forward the 2018 compliance deadlines to before the date of EU Exit will result in some additional administrative burden to operators and verifiers. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy will work with UK regulators and Devolved Administrations to communicate the changes to the 2018 compliance deadlines clearly to stakeholders and to operators.
This will include specific communications directly to each operator in May 2018 after operators have completed their 2017 compliance obligations. Additional communications through stakeholder forums and trade associations will take place periodically. Where appropriate, other communications with operators and stakeholders will include information on the compliance obligations for UK operators in 2018.


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They are trusted to secure and protect digital information, supporting a growing number of manufacturers, operators, and government departments.  
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Operators benefit from a completely outsourced emission compliance service with the flexibility to track their current compliance status and carbon liability for each scheme. Live carbon unit spot prices are fed into the platform from the exchange, helping project and budget the cost of carbon emitted.
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