French Riviera

Trip Planning Guide: French Riviera Events

The French Riviera welcomes many international events during April, May and June. Spring is a perfect period to plan a trip to the French Riviera for the travelers to enjoy the events, authentic villages and Mediterranean views before the summer heat and rush. Business jet operators flying into the region are advised to plan early as the airports may become busy ahead of the event periods. The French Riviera hosts the following events in spring 2019:

  • May 14-25: Cannes Film Festival, Cannes
  • May 23-26: Monte Carlo Grand Prix, Monaco
  • Jun 21-23: Le Castellet Grand Prix,  Le Castellet



Security level: 2 

Crime, mostly in the form of petty theft, is the security concern in France that is most likely to affect travelers. Racially-motivated crime has become a growing problem in recent years. Strikes occur frequently in France. Demonstrations and protests are common occurrences in the country. The threat of terrorism remains a significant concern across France.


Permit Requirements

Private flights into France do not require any landing permission. 
Landing permission is required for charter flights and can be obtained within a few working days. Foreign charter operators (Third Country Operators) need to ensure that they hold the TCO Authorization from EASA prior to requesting the landing permission.

Visa Requirements

France is part of the Schengen area allowing free movement of the 26 Schengen member state citizens. More information on Schengen countries:
No visa is required for the USA & Canada citizens entering France for a short stay of up to 90 days for tourist and business purposes. 
Other nationalities may require visas, click the button below to learn more. 

Hotel Accommodations

French Riviera provides a large selection of quality accommodation including five-star hotels and luxury villas. We recommend early booking in order to guarantee the best selection and rates. Hotel availability can quickly become limited and the prices rise high in areas close to the events.




Airport Considerations

The French Riviera airports often get busy during the event periods and parking availability becomes a challenge. Operators may need to consider dropping off the passengers and repositioning the aircraft for parking. It is recommended to plan early in order to meet any operational restrictions and to maximize the availability. We recommend Nice, Cannes & Le Castellet airports depending on your final destination. Toulon and Marseille remain excellent alternative options.


Nice Côte d’Azur is an international, 24/7 airport and an airport of entry for all sizes of aircraft. PPR and slots are required for all movements. While Nice is a convenient option for larger aircrafts and for all operations outside regular hours, parking may become an issue during the busy periods. The maximum ground time is 3 hours in case no parking is granted. Nice airport has a dedicated business aviation terminal available. New: Nice airport now requires RNP approach and all operators must ensure compliance. More information on RNP APCH.
Airport Information | NOTAM


Cannes Mandelieu airport is an exclusive airport for business aviation. Aircrafts of up to 35 tons of Maximum Take Off Weight are allowed to operate into Cannes. Prior permission and slots are required during the event periods. Arrivals and departures need to be planned during the airport opening hours as no overtime is available. Cannes airport is open 0800-2000 local daily and extends the opening until 30 minutes after sunset in summer time. Noise restrictions apply to certain aircrafts (e.g Beechcraft 400, Cessna 650, Falcon 50). The flight crew must prepare a mandatory briefing available through the airport website


Airport Information  | NOTAM

LFMQ/Le Castellet

Le Castellet international airport is open 0900-1700 local daily. Overtime can be arranged upon prior request. Aircrafts of up to 65 tons of maximum take off weight are allowed to operate into Le Castellet. There are no slot requirements, however, a PPR is required during an event period. All flights to/from the non-Schengen countries require 24h prior notice for customs arrangements. Parking availability is limited during the GP event. Hangar space is available.
Airport Information | NOTAM


LFTH/Toulon Hyeres

Toulon Hyères is a military airport where prior permission is required for all operations. PPR lead time requirements depend on the flight origin/destination:: 4h for domestic flights / 24h for flights to/from Schengen area / 48h for flights to/from non-Schengen countries. Slots are not required. Airport opening hours vary between weekdays and weekends. Flight schedules must be planned within the opening hours as no overtime is available. Toulon Hyères airport has a dedicated business aviation terminal.
Airport Information | NOTAM


Marseille is an international, 24/7 airport with a dedicated General Aviation Terminal. The normal opening hours of the General Aviation Terminal are 0600-2130 local time. Overtime can be arranged upon prior request. Marseille has no slot requirements.
Airport Information | NOTAM


Value Added Tax (VAT) applies to all fuel uplifts in France. Commercial aircraft operators flying international routes can become VAT exempted under certain conditions. Please contact your World Fuel Sales Representative for more information.
Mineral Oil Tax (MOT) is an excise duty levied on the fuel delivery upon all refueling in France. Commercial aircraft operators can reclaim MOT for commercial flights under specific procedures. Please contact your World Fuel Sales Representative for more information. 


Ground Transportation

Although the busy summer period is still ahead, be prepared to experience more traffic on the roads during any events, weekends and local holiday periods. Traffic can quickly become dense on the local, narrow roads. Helicopter transfer can be a valuable option in case of time constraints. Should you require a taxi, car with a driver, rental car or a helicopter, World Fuel Trip Support can arrange your ground transportation accordingly through high quality transportation providers.

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