2018 Winter Games

Trip Planning Guide: 2018 Winter Games

The 2018 Winter Games will take place in Korea from February 9 to 25, 2018 with events hosted in three cities. Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as most Snow Sports will be hosted in PyeongChang, Korea. Alpine speed events will be held in Jeongseon, Korea, and Ice Sports events will be hosted in Gangneung, Korea. 65,000 athletes, spectators and teams from 95 countries and 4,000 media reporters are expected during the Winter Games. For more details, visit https://www.pyeongchang2018.com/en.


Winter Games Airport Operations

Private, business and commercial charter operators are advised to plan now for the upcoming 2018 Winter Games due to the anticipation of a high-demand of ground services and landing permits. The Korea Civil Aviation Board (KCAB) and Korea Airport Authority have not finalized the plan of operations for RKNY, RKSI, RKSS, etc. and official NOTAMS have not been published. The finalized plan will be released between the middle and end of December 2017. 

Since the 2018 Winter Games are hosted in multiple venues, four international airports and one domestic airport will be supporting the volumes of air traffic scheduled for both commercial and general aviation expected during the Winter Games. 

Airports available to support air traffic for the 2018 Winter Games are as follows:
International Airports
  • Yangyang International Airport YNY / RKNY
  • Incheon International Airport ICN / RKSI
  • Gimpo International Airport GMP / RKSS
  • Cheongju International Airport CJJ / RKTU – Dual Use Military / Civil
Domestic Airport
  • Wonju Airport WJU / RKNW – Dual Use Military / Civil
Please see the Airport Considerations section below for more information on each airport.



North Korean missile tests and the way in which South Korea responds to such provocations have the potential to affect security conditions in the country, although most trips take place without incident.Strikes and demonstrations, opportunistic crime and nationalist sentiments are the primary security concerns for travelers to South Korea.

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Permit Requirements

Permit Lead Time
The Korea Civil Aviation Bureau (KCAB) requires at least three (3) working days for the permit prior to the intended date of operation.
Permit Documentation
To issue your landing permit the KCAB requires aircraft details along with your flight schedule, crew/pax (full names and valid passports), and a copy of the Noise Certificate for the operating aircraft.
Domestic Permits
If you are planning to operate to the domestic airport, you should obtain a separate domestic landing permit from the KCAB. 
Aircraft Qualification Changing Permit from Korea Customs Authority
You must obtain an aircraft qualification changing permit from the KCAB when changing aircraft qualifications from Foreign Registered Aircraft to Domestic Registered Aircraft and vice versa. In order to fly into domestic routes your aircraft must be registered as a Domestic Aircraft. 

Visa Requirements

A Visa is not required for flight crews. We will arrange a “Shore Pass” (Landing Permit) for each crew member on arrival regardless of nationality. Crew members can stay up to 15 days in Korea with a valid passport. Operators should advise us of correct crew information.
US Citizens and Athletes
A Visa is not required for US Citizens. US Citizens can stay up to 90 days in Korea with a valid passport.
Citizens and Athletes from Other Countries
Other foreign visitors must have a valid passport and obtain a Visa before arriving. Citizens of some countries who want to visit Korea temporarily are permitted to enter without a Visa according to Visa exemption agreements in accordance with national interest. Please check Visa status of athletes in advance.

Airport Considerations

Domestic Operations between RKSS or RKSI and RKNY

The KCAB has a plan to designate some scheduled commercial airlines for both FSCs (Full Service Carriers such as KE, OZ) and LCCs (Low Cost Carriers such LJ, 7C, BX, RS,TW, ZE) for operation between RKSS or RKSI and RKNY to cover movement of athletes, spectators and their teams during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games, with enroute times of 50 Mins.
All aircrafts must land at the Airport of Entry (AOE) such as RKSI or RKSS to clear Immigration, Customs and Quarantine for the aircraft, passengers, and crews first and then passengers can fly to/from RKNY via scheduled commercial flights.
RKSS | Gimpo International Airport



This Airport of Entry (AOE) is located 30 minutes away from Seoul city center with convenient access to the heart of the capital’s downtown business district.


Hours of Operation

2100 UTC - 1400 UTC (0600 LCL - 2300 LCL). No overtime is available and there are no exceptions.

If arrival time is delayed after 1400 UTC, the aircraft will have to land at RKSI/ICN with no exceptions. It is best to arrive by 1300 UTC for C.I.Q. clearance.


C.I.Q. Hours

2300 UTC - 1300 UTC (0800 LCL - 2200 LCL) 


Available Aircraft Landing Type

From Learjets to G550/G650, BD700, GL5T, GL6T, up to B737BBJ, A319CJ


Aircraft Restrictions

The aircraft below cannot use RKSS/GMP for landing

  • Aircraft operating for remuneration
  • Aircraft with a seat capacity of 50 or more passengers
  • Aircraft having a maximum payload capacity of 6000 lbs (2721 Kgs) or more
  • State aircraft which is not owned by an enterprise or a person.


GA Terminal

The Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center (SGBAC) offers onsite customs, immigration and quarantine clearance and state-of-the-art amenities. SGBAC can be used for only international operation, not for domestic operation. There are two (2) available VIP lounges, a crew lounge, AV equipped conference rooms and more. The 255,000 square foot hangar can accommodate 8 GLF5-550 or GL6T with parking available on an hourly, daily or maximum of two week basis.


Tow Bar

The Airport Authority may assign parking spots where towing is needed in the departure area. It is recommended that a Tow-Bar be carried on the aircraft.



Avjet Asia's hangar is available for overnight, long-term periods. It is also available for situations such as AOG, critical weather, and an alternative to parking when high traffic congestion occurs. 



  • A&P licensed from FAA engineers able to provide maintenance support and ready for AOG situations
  • Fuel, lavatory, potable, and catering service available 
  • Permit lead time (including slot): 2 business days
  • Slot Required, no PPR required
  • Overnight parking available up to 10 days - parking inside Avjet Asia’s hangar is an option when capacity is exceeded
  • De-icing available - process takes about 30 minutes 
  • Private terminal available - CIQ clearance, 5 minutes 


Avjet Asia: FBO Services and Amenities

  • Only FBO facility in South Korea with 5,130㎡ of premium hangar space able to accommodate six G550s 
  • Air Elite Network member
  • Luxurious FBO with unique state-of-the-art facilities and premium amenities
  • Premier passenger lounge with full range of beverages and snacks
  • Exclusive and private crew lounge with full range of beverages and snacks
  • Conference and Briefing Room 
  • Hotel-style suites on site
  • Only company that owns and performs handling with dedicated Ground Support Equipment (GSE) for business jets in South Korea
  • Highly trained line service staff complying with international aircraft ground handling and safety standards
  • Insurance coverage for third party handling aircrafts
  • Dedicated customer service for hospitality arrangements during guest stay in all areas in Korea
  • On-site security guard, FBO access control
  • 24-hour hangar and ramp video surveillance 
  • FBO perimeter security patrol  
  • Assistance in Mandarin, English and Korean 
  • Catering arrangements provided colloborating with five-star rated hotels
  • Ground transportation for crew and passengers
  • Hotel accommodation arrangements with some offered discounted rates
  • Internal and external aircraft cleaning 
  • Overnight, long-term contract hangarage available
RKNY | Yang Yang International Airport



KCAB has released the following plan of operation for Yangyang International Airport (RKNY/YNY) for the 2018 Winter Games. RKNY/YNY is the closest Airport of Entry (AOE) and is a one-hour drive to the Olympic Winter Games venues. Expect high congestion. 


Hours of Operation
The KCAB plans to expand hours of operation to 24 hours for domestic and international operations during the 2018 Winter Games.  


Slots are required with a variance of +/- 20 minutes. Slots will be assigned on a first come, first-served basis and slot priority will be given to commercial flights first. Remaining available slots will be assigned to non-commercial flights. PPR is not required. Permit lead time (including slot/PPR): 2 days.


Available Aircraft Landing Type
From Mid Jets (HS125-850/900) to Heavy Jets (B737BBJ, A319CJ), and Airline Commercial Charter Flights: B737s, B757s, B767s, B777s, B787, B747-400, A320, A330, A340, A350 


There are a maximum of two parking spots available, but spots cannot be guarnateed. The Airport Authority may grant parking for up to two (2) hours max during the 2018 Winter Games. All aircraft should drop-off passengers and position to RKSI or RKSS on arrival day and pick up passengers after repositioning on departure day.



Avjet Asia maintenance staff available to provide AOG service when requested. There is no FBO facility available including terminal and hangar. 

  • Fuel, lavatory, potable service, and catering service available
  • De-icing is available but will take over an hour during peak times


RKSI | Incheon International Airport


RKSI/ICN is the preferred alternate 24 hour Airport of Entry (AOE), about 130 kilometers from the Winter Game venues. The drive time from RKSI/ICN to the venues is 3 and a half hours. High Speed train service is also available. There are no curfew hours at RKSI/ICN.



Slots have a required variance of +/- 20 minutes and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis but the slot’s priority is always given first to scheduled commercial flights and then remaining available slots will be assigned to GA operators. PPR is not required.


Available Aircraft Landing Type

From Mid Jets (HS125-850/900, etc.) to Heavy Jets (B737BBJ, A319CJ, etc) and for Airline Commercial Charter Flights (B737s, B757s, B777s, B787, B747-400, A320, A330, A340, A350, A380



Parking issues have increased at RKSI over the past two (2) years and it is more difficult for GA operators to land and depart on days they would like to. Dedicated parking stands for business jets are not available. Four to eight stands are available depending on the situation, but cannot be guaranteed. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis with no special priority given to commercial charters or GA operators. Parking is granted for a maximum of 72 hours, but cannot be guranteed due to high congestion.


GA Terminal

There is no GA Terminal for VIPs. All VIPs and crew should use the Main Passenger Terminal for Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine (CIQ) clearance. All passengers must wait in regular queues to clear CIQ since Immigration and Airport Authorities have prohibited the clearance on behalf of VIPs/Passengers without their presence. An Immigration “Protocol Booth” will be available on arrival and departure to manage VIPs.



Avjet Asia maintenance staff available to provide AOG service when requested. No FBO facility is available including terminal and hangar.


  • Fuel, lavatory, potable, and catering service available 
  • Permit lead time (including slot): 2 business days
  • De-icing available - process takes about one hour 


RKTU | Cheongju International Airport



AOE: Yes

Landing Permits: Yes

Airport Type: Joint

Hours of Operation: 24 Hours

Runway: 9000 x 200

Landing Permits: Yes

Arrival Slots: No

Departure Slots: No

Custom/Immigration: Yes

RKNW | Wonju Airport



Landing Permits: Yes

Airport Type: Joint

Hours of Operation: 

Runway: 8999 x 148 ft.

Landing Permits: Yes

Arrival Slot: No

Departure Slot: No

Custom/Immigration: No

Ground Handling: Avjet Asia

Avjet Asia is part of a global network of uniquely exceptional fixed-base operators (FBOs) delivering “diamond level” customer service. The Air Elite Network earns customer trust by benchmarking a legendary standard in customer service. Offering only the highest quality facilities, amenities and products, each network location is required to uphold these standards in order to maintain their membership within the Air Elite Network.
To ensure smooth handling of your 2018 Winter Games flight, Avjet Asia offers amenities such as a VIP Lounge and Crew Lounge. They are the only business jet handler that has a loading license at all airports in Korea, so catering services are available at each airport. Comprehensive ground handling is performed with Avjet Asia's own staff at all airports, and provide fast, efficient service when repositioning to RKSS with equipment dedicated to business jets. FlyBuys Rewards members are able to earn four times the loyalty rewards while visiting Avjet Asia and using their AVCARD. The following services are also available:
Aircraft Maintenance | Catering | Customs | Fuel Discount | Onsite Restaurant | Pilot Services | Aircraft Detailing | Charter Service | Deicing | Hangar | Parking Ramp | Rental Car | APU/GPU | Courtesy Car | Flight Planning | Limousine | Parts | Weather Service

Choose Avjet Asia at RKSS for the 2018 Winter Games - Earn Bonus FlyBuys Rewards!

Avjet Asia, the first and only FBO in Korea, has a dedicated team ready to support all business aviation needs for the 2018 Winter Games. 
Choose one of the tiered services below and earn your bonus points*.
  • 10,000 FlyBuys Rewards for Ground Handling
  • 10,000 FlyBuys Rewards for Hangar Storage
  • 25,000 FlyBuys Rewards for Payment with AVCARD for Ground Handling and Hangar Storage
*Offer valid 2/6/18-2/28/18

Hotel Accommodations

There are Western chain hotels like InterContinental, Holiday Inn Resort Alpensia, or Holiday Inn and Suites Alpensia in PyeongChang. With many hotels near the venue already reserved for athletes, coaches, and media, you may want to consider staying in Seoul. In Seoul, you will find multiple three, four, and five-star hotels and resorts with a variety of price points. Seoul hotel rates will be less expensive rather than hotels closer to the venues. Gangneung is about 38 miles from PyeongChang with additional hotel options. The city of Jeongseon is another city with multiple hotel selections. 
It is imperative that you do not wait until the last minute to secure hotel accommodations. Doing your research and preparing in advance is the best way to start your trouble-free trip. Expect minimum night stays and prepayment. Always ask for the cancellation and term policy. Check the hotel’s website for information on proximity near the event and/or near attractions, entertainment, and restaurants. 
The impact on hotel rates appear high and the primary event location and neighboring cities will see rate increases and limited availability. For assistance, contact World Fuel Services directly at tsops@wfscorp.com or call + 1 281 280 2200. 

Purchase Fuel

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Domestic Fuel Tax

The KCAB imposes a levy tax of 0.98 US per per gallon of fuel when using domestic routes. Operators must provide the “official fuel invoice” of the supplier used at the original departure airport in order to complete the import declaration for remaining fuel in according with Korean Customs laws. If operators fail to supply the documentation, customs will not grant the changing permit and will not allow the aircraft to reposition via domestic routes and will be fined.
With clearance from the Customs Authority, the aircraft can domestically operate with additional passengers from RKSI to RKNY and vice versa without restrictions. 

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