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Case Study: Raid Latécoère-Aéropostale

The 2019 annual Raid event will be held at a museum, in Toulouse, we are expecting 30 aircraft to participate this year. On September 13, 2019, the Raid Latécoère-Aéropostale rally will take off once more, travelling from Toulouse to Dakar.
The event begins with a cocktail reception and pre-flight briefing for all crew members, there will be approximately 100 people including select customers. The flight departures will take place on September 14.
World Fuel Services will be working to fuel stops along the way as the only fuel supplier chosen for the route. We are thrilled to have provided a level of service to Raid Latécoère which has resulted in an ongoing relationship and look forward to working once more with the fantastic team behind this historic rally.

Last Year's Challenge

The Raid Latécoère rally required a fuel partner to help them bring to life the route of the Latécoère Airmail Service which saw 50 aircraft fly through five countries from France to Senegal, and back. The Raid Latécoère logistics team needed a fuel broker to supply avgas and jet fuel for thirteen legs of the journey in Spain and Morocco. The logistical complexities of this meant that all aircraft had to be refuelled in optimum time to keep the fleet moving and ensure every aircraft reached the same stop within the same time period.


Last Year's Solution

World Fuel Services were keen to rise to this challenge. Brokering 70,000 litres of avgas and 15,000 litres of jet fuel was the first immediate action, a task rendered especially difficult because of the scarce availability of avgas in those countries and the remote location of some of the landings. Realising the true needs of the rally however meant providing more than fuel. In a usual year, the rally would see around 25 aircraft take part, but the celebration of its centenary year meant 50 aircraft would take to the skies in honour of the Latécoère Airmail Service and in pursuit of delivering school supplies to schools in Mauritania, Senegal and Morocco along the way.
The logistical complexities of this demanded that every aircraft had to be refuelled in optimum time to keep the fleet moving and ensure every aircraft reached the same stop within the same time period. We promised efficiency and reliability. Every aircraft was fuelled in seven minutes on average and all 50 were back in the sky in under 6 hours at each stop. This was the result of careful preparation in which we ensured the appropriate resource of staff and trucks were positioned at every stop in advance of the aircraft arriving.
To further support the pilots and aircraft involved, our International Sales Manager, Fanny Farnault went along on part of the journey to ensure every question and query could be answered in person. Fanny nurtured World Fuel’s involvement in the rally and was fundamental to the organisation of the re-fuelling at each stop. Sitting alongside the rally team meant Fanny could provide an additional level of support and service not usually offered by fuel providers.

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