Acapulco, Mexico

Trip Report: Acapulco, Mexico

The following is a summary of a trip report covering Acapulco Airport, following a visit from our Global Vendor Team.
Report Details

  • Visit Date: 1/17/2018
  • Country: Mexico
  • Airport Name: Acapulco International Airport, officially General Juan N. Álvarez International Airport
  • ICAO Code: MMAA
  • IATA Code: ACA


Airport General Information



Acapulco Airport is managed by a private company called OMA. This company controls many other airports in Mexico, including those in major Mexican cities like Ciudad Juarez, Cuernavaca, Monterrey, and Chihuahua. The concession is for more than 40 years. A new, modern commercial terminal is under construction and is expected to be finished before the end of 2018.


The number of commercial flights drops significantly during the slow season. During the busy season, the traffic is somehow stepped, so there are no major issues. The airport has only one runway and it operates 24 hours a day. There is plenty of parking space on the commercial apron.


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Airport Location

Distance to Downtown & Estimated Travel Time: 10 miles or 16 kms. Travel time is estimated to be around 30 minutes.

Traffic During Rush-hour: There is heavy traffic during rush hour because there is only one Highway with access to the airport.
Acapulco Intewrnational Airport is a seasonal airport. During Christmas, Easter and on other special dates, it can get extremely busy. There is also heavy ground traffic during holidays. The sole highway to the airport stays fairly busy during peak hours and even a minor accident can cause huge delays. 

General Aviation Area Description

Operators have two choices: either to use the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) or to use ICCS’ FBO.

  • If operators choose the GAT, there are currently two handlers taking care of all arriving traffic. One of them is the owner of Aviacion Ejecutiva SA (Manny Aviation) who works out of a small operations office in the GAT and has more than 40 years of handling experience. The other handler is a freelance operation that represents ASM Corp and Universal. Both handle all traffic that does not choose ICCS and both cooperate and work together when the other has a flight that is more complicated or with lots of luggage. They do not have any equipment, no vehicles airside and all the GSE needed is rented from the commercial handlers or ICCS. The GAT is an old, almost empty building with only one row of uncomfortable seats in the middle, no private restrooms, no coffee shops or any other amenities. Customs, immigration, and security are present here.
  • If operators choose ICCS, their entrance is located 4 meters away from the GAT. It is a full service FBO, with the exception of the fuel. ICCS a large, open space lounge for passengers and can handle several flights at the same time. The facility offers private restrooms, WI-FI, complimentary beverages, two comfortable crew nap rooms, a full bar with 24-hour food, direct access to the hangar, immigration, customs, and security is on-site. ICCS has all the equipment to manage aircraft independently. All ICCS’ equipment is housed in their hangar and is well maintained.

In both cases, passengers are invited to walk to the aircraft from their respective buildings. ICCS has its own private entry for arrivals and departures with several golf carts to transport passengers, if necessary.


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Technical Stop Location

Good for Tech Stops, but only when traveling in Northbound or Southbound direction.

MMAA has its own GA ramp. Customs and Immigration is located at the FBO. There is easy access to facilities and restrooms. Catering is also easily accessible. 

Fuel availability is not a problem, as the airport is not busy.

Ground Transportation

  • ICCS has its own ground transportation vehicles, especially for crews. Passengers normally have their own vehicles. In case they need extra vehicles, they use the ground transportation companies available at the airport. We recommend using ICCS’s transport since it is a lot more secure.
  • Aviacion Ejecutiva y Manuel Garay employs the same drivers from the companies that work at the airport.


Commercial Area Description

The old terminal has been recently renewed. It has two separate areas: “Arrivals" and "Departures."

The Arrivals area is divided into National and International areas. the International area has Customs & Immigration.

On a regular basis, passengers do not wait too long in the immigration queue, as there are not many commercial flights. The check-in area is small and crowded. Passengers must go up to the second floor for Security and Customs. The departure waiting area is on the second floor, but the departure gates are on the first floor. It has a few restaurants, shops, and a coffee shop.

There are two main aircraft parking positions.


  • ICCS uses its own catering based at the FBO. They provide catering to several other companies apart from the ones they attend. They are specialized in VIP catering.
  • Aviacion Ejecutiva y Manuel Garay makes use of the Holiday Inn Hotel and they recommend the hotel's catering as top quality.


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