Struggling to cost effectively keep your fleet on the road?

We know. Fleet management is no easy task, but keeping that fleet fueled doesn’t need to be complicated. Keep drivers on the road, instead of at the pump with our service which delivers fuel directly into your vehicles, at a cost and at a time that is predictable and convenient. Learn more here.

We make fleet fueling simple, so you can focus on what really matters: keeping your fleet on the road taking care of your customers - efficiently. No downtime. No stress.


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Fleets We Serve

Long-haul trucks
Local delivery trucks & vans
Agriculture / Farm equipment
Heavy duty on-road & off-road Construction equipment
Mining sites and facilities
Municipalities and first responders

World Fuel Services has stepped in and helped us fuel job sites, equipment, pumps, and generators on days, nights and weekends. And their employees are always taking the extra step to make sure the job is done right.”

Bill Ward, Active Construction Inc.

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Why Choose World Fuel Services For Fleet Fueling?

On-site fueling flexibility

No bulk fuel delivery is the same. Logistics, physical locations, shift work, and more impact where, how, and when is the best solution for your business. As a partner we work to more fully understand your operational needs, timing considerations, deliverables, and work schedule. Then build a custom fuel program designed to address your specific needs.


Cost-effective fuel supply expertise

World Fuel Services sits in a unique position to truly understand the challenges of fueling a fleet – because we manage our own. Our teams of drivers and dispatchers deliver fuel daily to customers across the country from inventory positions coast to coast, and we’ve learned from experience what it takes to manage fuel and fuel costs from just about every angle. Because of this we have teams of really smart people ready to share their expertise, and help you manage your fuel spend with World Fuel Services.


Learn more about our mobile fueling solutions

If you’ve ever considered onsite fuel, talk to the fleet experts at World Fuel Services. In addition to onsite tanks, we deliver fuel directly into fleets or other onsite equipment – at a time that’s convenient for you, day or night.



Fleet card programs for any type fleet

Most fleets have a need to fuel while on the road, as well. We offer three different options that give managers of any fleet, the security and operational control required to easily manage your drivers fuel spend. With vast networks of commercial fueling locations, and industry-leading purchasing controls, we make it easy for drivers and administrators.