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What solutions does World Fuel Services offer?

With a global network of supply partnerships, strategic product inventory, and local market experts, we provide reliable fuel and energy supply. Our customized fuel and energy solutions help commercial and industrial customers meet their business objectives, on time and on budget.


C&I solutions that help reduce fuel and energy costs and your carbon footprint.

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Fuel, energy, and sustainability solutions built for C&I, Government organizations, and C-store operators.

  • Gain a go-to partner on Everything Energy through our World Kinect Energy Services solutions a trusted expert for over 150K customers like you, worldwide. With World Kinect, you have access to a single-point of contact for conventional and renewable energy supply and technology, cost and carbon footprint reduction, and custom energy strategies to help you buy less and buy better.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint through measuring and auditing your energy use, developing reduction plan, and sourcing renewable fuel, electricity, gas, as well electric charging technologies.
  • Source from 180+ natural gas, electricity, fuel, and fleet card products, with onsite fuel and lubricant delivery options, alongside storage tanks and usage tracking technology.
  • Ensure uninterrupted supply & operational resilience through vulnerability assessment, mitigation strategy, and emergency fuel supply.
  • Protect your energy budget through price risk advisory and portfolio management, validation of your electricity, natural gas, and fuel bill data to achieve cost recovery, as well as regulatory and tax exemption intelligence and legal support services.
  • Create insights from complexity: let us consolidate and standardize your energy and carbon data for the 360O view of cost and usage at the meter, site, and company level to develop an action plan to optimize your energy mix, carbon footprint, compliance, and buying strategy.


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Aviation solutions and services for every phase of flight

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We provide fuel, payments, technologies, and business solutions for the aviation industry with full-service and integrated solutions all under one roof. As an industry leader for over 35 years, we help flight departments, airports and FBOs worldwide operate sustainably, reduce costs, and optimize operations. Whether we’re helping customers meet operational performance goals, or investing in facilities to help drive growth, we deliver the customized solutions you need.


  • Reliable jet and aviation fuel supply and solutions to help maximize your efficiency and bottom line
  • High-quality fuel, vetted and managed to the highest industry standards
  • Competitive contract fuel pricing at more than 3,000 locations worldwide
  • Comprehensive retail and contract programs designed to provide with tailored payment solutions 
  • Unique payment options with aviation-specific credit terms and unified data and analytics
  • 24/7 full-service global trip support offers precision planning, local expertise, and accurate flight data 
  • Industry-leading trip technologies and FBO software to help drive efficiency 
  • Tailored sustainability solutions developed by in-house experts to decarbonize operations and achieve sustainability goals
  • Award-winning personal service, dependability, quality, and value
  • Flexible fuel purchasing and price risk management options



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Quality marine fuel solutions from a trusted counterparty

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World Fuel Services’ marine global fuel solutions are backed by a Global Fortune 150 company with 35+ years of industry experience. Fleets of all kinds rely on our deep domain expertise in global and local marine fuel markets. We offer strong supplier relationships, best-in-class technical expertise, and end-to-end fuel management for an unmatched customer experience.


  • High-quality marine gasoil, diesel, and low-sulfur blends
  • Lubricants, oils, and greases from top brands
  • Embedded teams in global ports and locations
  • Strategically located storage and product inventory
  • Price risk management and hedging options
  • Sustainable fuel solutions to help lower emissions or reduce your energy use


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What is the best way to fuel your commercial and industrial fleet?

Delivery, fleet fueling or fuel cards? We can help you make an informed decision about the best fueling solutions for your operation.

From complex multi-site operations to local family farms, how you choose to fuel your fleet or other onsite equipment could address your specific operational goals .



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