Customized fuel solutions for Car Carriers

Car Carrier Fuel Solutions Planned Around Your Routes

Car carriers need a fuel supplier who understands this specialized industry’s needs. As a strong financial counterparty that services approximately 25% of global car carrier bunker demand, we get it. Our lifts are planned around your scheduled routes so you can stay focused on your business.


With specialized teams and a full portfolio of related value-added services, we support every vessel type, every day.


Reliable, timely, high-quality bunkering

You can depend on our physical inventory positions and established supplier relationships for reliable supply at all car carrier bunkering ports. Spot and term contracts ensure on-time deliveries to meet tight port schedules. We are also instrumental in developing global standards in marine fuel quality and delivery procedures, for quality you can trust.



Manage costs with credit and price risk management

Stay competitive in volatile markets. Our physical and financial price risk management solutions reduce your risk and protect budget targets. Volume-based purchasing power enables competitive prices for solid cost management. We also offer a variety of flexible trade credit and finance options. 

Stay informed with 24/7 global operations

Manage the unexpected with our round-the-clock operational support team. Services include monitoring, proactive communications, adjustments, and updates including price indications and fuel availability in alternative ports, 24/7. For complete outsourcing and a custom fuel procurement strategy, we offer comprehensive fuel management solutions.


Complete lubricant solutions for superior performance

Keep your car carriers running smoothly with our range of high-quality marine lubricants and specialty products, all OEM-approved and blended in an ISO-certified plant. We supply all global ports 24/7 through our extensive network of distribution centers and distribution partners.