Wind Turbine Energy Solutions

Wind turbine energy management solutions from World Fuel Services are designed to optimize renewable energy assets. Renewable energy producers face an array of challenges from policy, regulatory, and market uncertainty, to lack of market access, and high operational and maintenance costs. We understand that in order for your operations to generate long-term returns, you need a strong connection with customers, an understanding of market needs, and stable and well-organized operations.


We answer complex energy questions to help you chart the best course in today’s fast-moving world.


Our big data solutions uncover hidden savings

Get the full picture of your energy use and spend with big data. We start with a strategic assessment of your operation and develop a customized plan to turn hidden savings into bottom line results. Never worry about energy procurement, logistics, or regulations again. Tap into decades of market and regulatory experience and work directly with energy managers who understand trends and foresee opportunities for energy savings.

Maximize the value of your production

Our 1000+ customers want to purchase your renewable energy certificates and green power. We manage over 250 plants and 30 TWh of renewable energy certificates. We provide plant and certificate account administration, power logistics management, access to spot markets, and marketing with TrackMyElectricityTM. Take advantage of our global team of local experts to keep your operation running and connect you with the market.

Protect your budget from price volatility with tailored price risk management

You cannot afford to be exposed to power price volatility. Protect your business with a custom price risk management solution that factors in your location, your usage trends,forecasts, regulations, and your personalized risk profile.


Better lubricants sourcing minus the headache

Benefit from our global purchasing volume for more attractive pricing and reduce operating costs with our full administrative and technology solutions. We provide price indications and availability data, coordinate supply with agents and suppliers, and handle all logistics. Get access to 180+ high-quality fuel and energy product blends including renewable fuels and lubricants, all at competitive prices.