Solider on Platinum Pledge Partner

World Fuel Services Australia is committed to those who serve and who have served.

We recognise the immense value of our Veteran community and the importance of the key values that include service, courage, integrity, respect and excellence. Our global network of Veterans enables the company to share these values across our organisation, with our partners and our customers. This commitment represents an invaluable resource for our company.


We strive to take every effort to ensure that WFS Australia remains ready to attract, engage and retain top talent from those who have served in the Australian Defence Force. We value the unique skills, experience and cognitive diversity that our Veteran community continue to contribute, notably problem solving, management and genuine personal leadership.


The Veteran’s skillset is an integral element of our inherent culture. We pride ourselves as a company that thinks outside the box, empowers and allows employees to promote ideas, that will better enhance the effectiveness and operational outlook for our team, our customers and our business solutions. We are committed to providing jobs for transitioning, former, reserve and military family members in Australia to continue developing their skills through fulfilling career opportunities. Above all, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that ensures that any Veteran joining our team is set up for success. This includes the commitment to Reserve service with 10 days paid leave to enable our Veterans to ensure continued service.


We know and value the unique skillsets Veterans have and what it takes to be part of a highly effective team. Moreover, we are a company that takes pride in our people. We achieve this by ensuring every effort is taken to ensure our Veteran candidates are supported - from the on-boarding stages all the way to mentoring opportunities that allow our people to apply their skills, continue to grow and foster their career.


As a company we actively support wider Australian Veteran’s initiatives, to include the Prime Ministers Veteran Employment Program and Soldier-On Pathways Program. Resultantly, our ongoing approach and dedicated support, combined with the demonstrated Veteran support best-practices, was recently acknowledged being awarded Soldier On’s highest Pledge accolade of Platinum level. We seek to build on this important investment, commitment and vital resource as part of the World Fuel Service Australia team.


David Wainwright, DSC, AM Senior Director
Defence Solutions World Fuel Services


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Award-winning veteran support

We deeply value the men and women who serve nations across the world and want to go further than supporting the armed forces with our services.


Our Defense Solutions team had decades of collective career military experience across the defense fuel and logistics domain. That is because World Kinect Energy Services proactively recruits military veterans, reservists, guards and their spouses as they transition out of their military careers.


World Fuel Services is a globally accredited veteran employer. Our most recent achievements include achieving status in Australia as a Soldier On Platinum Pledge Partner, an ERS Silver Award in the UK and receiving the Gold Medallion Award/HIRE Vets Awards from the US Department of Labor.