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Military Support In Australia

World Fuel Services, global Leaders in Military Support

The recent contract award of World Fuel Services on the NATO Support and Procurement Organisation (NSPA) OLSP Global Fuel Services Project validates our position as a world leader in the delivery and operation of deployable bulk fuel systems.


The Global Fuel Services Project encapsulates the delivery of the full scope of fuel services and capabilities in support of NSPA customer fuel requirements. Continuing a partnership that has spanned 20 years supporting NATO, US Forces and the ADF deployed in the Middle East, World Fuel Services continues to offer end-to-end fuel solutions at locations worldwide either through turnkey or short-notice tasking, including rapid deployment.


Supporting coalition forces in Afghanistan for the past 15 years requires an understanding of theatre wide campaign plans to provide mission critical services to the warfighter. This embedded cultural understanding of customer requirements and a flow down of the ’fight to win’ mantra has shaped the company’s fuel solution delivery strategy.


In the last three years, World Fuel Services has refuelled in excess of 150,000 military ground vehicles, 235,000 on base deliveries, 83,000 fixed-wing aircraft and provided FARP hot refuelling to more than 7,000 rotary-wing aircraft delivering some 500 million litres of military grade fuel.


This pivotal experience has allowed World Fuel Services to continually test and improve its service offerings to its 70+ military customers around the world and build upon its own capabilities regionally. In Australia, World Fuel Services operates and maintains fuel infrastructure at 18 locations to the highest industry standards.


The recently announced Indo Pacific Collaboration Program brings together the best of Australian industry to continue the development of a world leading capability in innovative design, integration and delivery of static and deployable bulk fuel capability.



Indo Pacific Collaboration Program

World Fuel Services Australia is proud to announce the formalisation of the Indo Pacific Collaboration Program, an investment that leverages the combined strength of Australian industry capabilities in static and deployable bulk fuel infrastructure. 




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Award-winning veteran support

We deeply value the men and women who serve nations across the world and want to go further than supporting the armed forces with our services.


Our Defense Solutions team had decades of collective career military experience across the defense fuel and logistics domain. That is because World Kinect Energy Services proactively recruits military veterans, reservists, guards and their spouses as they transition out of their military careers.


World Fuel Services is a globally accredited veteran employer. Our most recent achievements include achieving status in Australia as a Soldier On Platinum Pledge Partner, an ERS Silver Award in the UK and receiving the Gold Medallion Award/HIRE Vets Awards from the US Department of Labor.



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