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We deliver energy solutions to complex defence and commercial challenges through a range of integrated solutions.

A World of Solutions for Defense & Military

Leveraging extensive military operations experience, we provide responsive, bespoke energy solutions that meet the demands of high-risk, disaster relief and demanding operational environments around the globe.

Responsive, reliable, and resilient.

From supply chain buildouts to testing and managing extreme operational conditions World Fuel Services helps you deliver your mission on time and within budget from every corner of the world.

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Critical Fuel and Energy Supply for Defense and Military Customers

Integrated end-to-end fuel and energy solutions underpinned by outstanding information management are key to sustaining operational effectiveness, resilience, and value.

Recognizing the importance of real-time, enterprise-level inventory and data management, we have partnered with i6 Systems Ltd. In a long-term agreement to develop the Defense Fuels Management System (DFMS). This partnership combines World Fuel Services’ global footprint, and market and operational expertise with the cutting-edge technology and fuel management systems of i6 to enable us to deliver fully integrated, end-to-end fuel and energy solutions.

Building on our world-leading expertise and capability in the commercial fuel and energy sector, we deliver every step of the way for Defense & Military.


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Award-winning veteran support

We deeply value the men and women who serve nations across the world and want to go further than supporting the armed forces with our services.


Our Defense Solutions team had decades of collective career military experience across the defense fuel and logistics domain. That is because World Kinect Energy Services proactively recruits military veterans, reservists, guards and their spouses as they transition out of their military careers.


World Fuel Services is a globally accredited veteran employer. Our most recent achievements include achieving status in Australia as a Soldier On Platinum Pledge Partner, an ERS Silver Award in the UK and receiving the Gold Medallion Award/HIRE Vets Awards from the US Department of Labor.