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World-Class Aviation Fuel Technical Services

Our team brings expertise and industry best practices to provide technical solutions which can be tailored to your operation’s specific needs. From provision of vehicles and equipment to industry standard training and quality assurance support, we leverage the knowledge and resources of our global team to ensure your operation runs efficiently.

Provision of Vehicles
and Equipment
Engineering Design
and Support
Fuel Farms and
Self-Service Units
Procedures and
Training Maintenance
Audit and


Provision of Vehicles and Equipment

World Fuel Services has relationships with major manufacturers and equipment providers allowing us to offer superior flexibility and a variety of equipment type and purchase/leasing options. 
We supply:

  • Vehicles and related equipment to meet daily or seasonal needs 
  • Purchase and leasing options
  • Relationship and scale with suppliers that allow us to leverage our global requirements
Engineering Design and Support

Utilizing the latest industry best practices, procedures, and technology, we are a collaborative partner that works with you to implement solutions that help your airport deliver your current and future goals.
Our team of engineers provide:

  • Latest thinking with technology combined with experience to incorporate global and local standards
  • Design, build, and install cost-effective innovative for your operations
  • Deliver design and provide engineering support
Fuel Farms and Self-Service Units

Along with engineering design and support, we:

  • Install individual self-service units and cost-effective fuel farm facilities
  • Use industry best practices, procedures and technologies including JIG standards and procedures
  • Work with you to meet your unique needs
Procedures and Documentation

Our technical experts provide your team operating procedures, manuals, and documentation tailored to your operation that are compliant with the latest JIG standards.


We provide training for your airport staff that meets JIG standards for fuel quality assurance and airport operations.

  • Tracking and certifications for your staff is stored and available under your online account
  • Training is available in local languages via our online portal
  • Training materials and content are updated instantly with a click of a button to reflect the latest industry standards and practices
Maintenance Packages

Our technical services operations team work with vendors and operation managers to provide trusted and flexible maintenance programs for vehicles, fuel farms, and self-service units. These programs can be extended to include support for your staff with emergencies caused by breakdowns or failure of equipment.

Audit and Inspection

Our JIG qualified inspectors provide on-site audits and facility inspections to ensure your operation is meeting the latest requirements and employing the industry’s best procedures, practices and processes.

  • Provide on-site audit and inspections of fueling operations
  • Go beyond assessing compliance/standards/procedures and offer advice for improvement and insight on best practices

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