Aviation Card and Reward Programs for Australia

Two Cards. The Largest Aviation Service Network.

Adding the World Fuel Contract Card and AVCARD® by World Fuel to your corporate card program gives you the network and tools you need to manage expenditures such as unique payment options and streamlined billing choices like consolidated invoices with line item detail. Plus, every purchase made earns Rewards Program points.


World Fuel Contract Card

Offering customers easy access to competitive contract fuel pricing at over 3,000 locations worldwide, the World Fuel Contract Card eliminates the need for fuel releases, optimizes contract fuel prices and lowers operating costs.


Preferred Pricing at 3,000+ Locations Worldwide

Pilots and operators use the World Fuel Contract Card for contract fuel and services and take advantage of competitive pricing, accurate quoting and transparent invoicing at 3,000+ locations worldwide. LEARN MORE

  • Tailored credit solutions customized to meet unique financial needs
  • Accurate price quotes available 24/7
  • Detailed invoicing and customizable reports
  • Vast supply network
  • Simple, real-time fuel quoting and set up 
  • Personalised service with local expertise
  • Earn Rewards points on every WFS contract fuel litre purchased

Serve more flight operators

Take advantage of a 0% processing rate and a wide variety of marketing opportunities to promote your facilities along with loyalty rewards for your customers, funded by us.

  • Attract new flight department customers with the assistance of global sales and marketing teams
  • Eliminate the need for fuel releases with acceptance of the World Fuel Contract Card
  • 0% processing fee rate for contract fuel sales and no costs to your FBO
  • Seamlessly process transactions using the most popular FBO software system
  • Increase loyalty with a Rewards program: WFS customers earn rewards on every contract fuel gallon purchased

AVCARD by World Fuel

The most used aviation charge card – more than 30,000 cardholders use AVCARD at over 7,600 locations in more than 190 countries and territories.

Sell fuel and process transactions simply with AVCARD

FBOs and merchants benefit from AVCARD’s low processing rate, flexible payment options to optimize your cash flow, and guaranteed payment since AVCARD assumes all risk. And reward your customers’ loyalty with points funded by us.

  • Enjoy lower merchant rates than other aviation-specific charge cards
  • Retail card solution for all aviation-related purchases gives your customers more options
  • Flight departments receive Level 3 data and can mange invoices using AVCARD's online tool
  • Customers earn rewards on every AVCARD transaction

Maximize your aviation spend

Designed with your aviation needs in mind, AVCARD has no annual fees and is used by pilots, dispatchers and aviation professionals worldwide. LEARN MORE

  • Made for aviation: Unique payment options | Customized billing
  • Purchase everything your operation needs: Aviation Fuel | Ground handling | Flight training | maintenance | Catering | Trip planning | Deicing | And more
  • Understand every detail: View Level 3 line item detail | Customized reporting
  • No annual fees
  • 24/7 support
  • Earn rewards points on every transaction

Find Locations that Accept the World Fuel Contract Card and AVCARD by World Fuel

Use our tool to search for an airport, FBO, or service location.


Rewards Program

The Most Points. The Most Places.

The World Fuel Rewards Program allows customers to accrue points on their aviation spend.


Boost customer loyalty and increase sales

Participating locations are showcased on the website, receive promotional sales toolkit, and get special training and program support.
  • Becoming a participating location is free, quick, and all online
  • Gain access to thousands of members that include key business decision makers who make FBO and vendor selections
  • Enjoy WFS advertising and promotional campaigns highlighting participating locations

Pilots and Operators

  • Membership is FREE and open to: Pilots | Schedulers & Dispatchers | Flight Crews | Flight Departments
  • Points awarded at participating FBO and merchants locations around the world
  • Redeem for top rewards: Gift Cards | Travel certificates | Merchandise | Charitable donations | Invoice credit
  • Automatically earn points on every purchase made with AVCARD, Contract Fuel, and Trip Support
    • Elevated rewards points earned at World Fuel Services Network FBOS and doubled rewards at Air Elite Diamond Service locations

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