Trusted, high-quality fuel from a recognized brand

The Phillips 66® Aviation fuel brand is a supply option for U.S. FBOs in the World Fuel Services Network (WFSN). Phillips 66 is the only major oil company that has maintained an ongoing presence in the aviation industry, providing branded aviation fuels for almost 90 years.

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FBO Inquiries
+1 888 939 4858 
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Cardholder Inquiries
+1 800 282 2731
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Enjoy a comprehensive set of program offerings

Get more with Phillips 66. Beyond the valuable programs FBOs receive as part of the WFSN, Phillips 66 branded FBOs can access additional exclusive programs and services. These include cooperative marketing and advertising, the WingPoints® pilot loyalty rewards program, and branded card programs.

Branded card programs

Accepted virtually everywhere, Phillips 66 Aviation credit cards offer a unique savings advantage for FBOs with 0% processing rates. Offers include the Phillips 66® Aviation Personal Card and the Phillips 66® Aviation Wings® Card, a co-branded AVCARD®.