Where can I find WFS press releases?

You can access current and historical press releases.

Who sits on the company’s Board of Directors?

Visit Corporate Governance for more information.

What is the company’s history?

World Fuel Services grew into a leading energy company from several distinct origins. In 1984, Chairman Emeritus, Paul Stebbins, and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Kasbar, founded Trans-Tec Services, Inc., a marine fuel brokerage company. In 1995, International Recovery Corporation acquired Trans-Tec. The move transformed the organization and the name was changed to World Fuel Services Corporation. Details on recent and past acquisitions can be found in Press Releases.

I’d like to get general company information, where should I go?

Visit About Us to learn about the company.

Where can I find information about all of your locations?

Our company has presence on six continents. Visit Our Locations page for details.

I’m interested in working for World Fuel Services, where can I find a list of open positions?

Visit Search for Open Positions. You can learn more about working at World Fuel Services on our Careers page.

I'm interested in becoming a supplier, who should I contact?

Visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form. 

I'd like to learn more about World Fuel Services' solutions, where should I go?

You can learn more about the company's solutions, by visiting our Solutions page.

Media FAQs

For questions about media, please visit our Media FAQs page.

Investor Relations FAQs

For investor related questions, please visit our Investor Relations FAQs page.