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We work together with you to ensure our mutual customers get the best service available in the marketplace

Our job is to make it easy for FBOs and merchants to transact business with your customers. Merchants that participate in our direct program benefit from one of the leading online point-of-sale system for aviation sales - AvPOS.


Apply Now For a Flight Department AVCARD

Start using your card for not only fuel but also charge fuel, maintenance, charters, catering, flight training and many other aviation services at FBOs, fuel suppliers and other aviation service/product providers worldwide.


FBO Card Holder Benefits and FAQs

  • AVCARD® by World Fuel is designed with the business aviation department in mind. AVCARD can be used at over 7,600 locations worldwide which include virtually every important airport destination.

  • A dedicated sales and service professional is assigned to every cardholder and is available to answer questions and resolve any problems you may have.

  • Flexible payment options with different rates let merchants optimize their cash flow.

  • Merchants are guaranteed payment since AVCARD assumes all risk.

  • AVCARD merchants can choose payment in local currency or U.S. dollars.

  • AVCARD acceptors can choose from a wide variety of marketing opportunities to promote your facilities and service.

  • Importantly, there are no annual fees.

AVCARD offers cardholders two billing options, electronic and paper, giving you the flexibility to receive your invoice data in a format that meets your needs. The electronic option allows you to access invoices through airPortfolio - our online account management tool. We also offer you two choices of currency, U.S. dollars or Canadian dollars.

AVCARD customers who wish to eliminate the need to pay via paper check can select either ACH or Wire Transfer.

AVCARD® is one of the most widely accepted aviation charge card used by more flight departments and charter operators than any other card. AVCARD is not just for fuel. Our cardholders can charge fuel, maintenance, charters, catering, flight training and many other aviation services at FBOs, fuel suppliers and other aviation service/product providers worldwide.

  • AVCARD can be used everywhere you fly regardless of the fuel brand.
  • AVCARD eliminates the need to carry and process multiple invoices.
  • AVCARD provides detailed billing specifically constructed for aviation.
  • You are billed by aircraft in an easy-to-process format.

AVCARD is accepted virtually everywhere at over 7,600 worldwide locations in 190 countries. For your convenience, our web site lists all international and domestic locations accepting AVCARD®.

You have several options:

  • You may fill out an online application or download a card member application from our web site, sign it and either mail it or fax it to us.
  • You may give us the information over the phone by calling +1 800 282 2731 or +44 207 808 5089. You can also call us and ask that we fax or mail you an application.
  • Stop by one of our AVCARD® FBOs and pick up a brochure from our counter display.

Merchant & Supplier Features and Benefits

Our job is to make it easy for you to transact business with your customers so you can focus on the services provided. We can establish our relationship directly with you or through your distributor or oil company. By working together, we can ensure our mutual customers get the best service available in the marketplace.

AVCARD has developed the following innovative services to support our card acceptors:

Apply To Become A Merchant

AVCARD® recognizes that the merchants who accept our card are our partners in assuring that cardholders receive efficient services at every step of the transaction cycle. 


AVCARD® Contract Fuel Program

Our cardholder customers are always looking for the best value in the marketplace. Many of them look to AVCARD®’s Contract Fuel Program when making a purchasing decision. With the largest cardholder base in the industry, AVCARD is in the position to promote your facility’s contract fuel price and deliver you the volume in return.

Flexible Payment Term Options

AVCARD® recognizes that every company’s needs are different and we have designed our payment options with this in mind. We offer 4 different payment options from 2 days to 28 business days, each with different charge card fees that allow you to determine what is important to you. Additionally, our fees vary by the total dollar value of each ticket; the higher the ticket value, the lower the fee.

Currency Options

AVCARD® gives merchants the option to receive payment in local currency or U.S. dollars. The remittance method is your choice: check, U.S. dollar transfer, foreign currency draft, or foreign currency wire transfer.

Promotional Opportunities

AVCARD® has over 10,000 cardholders who utilize our card, which is one of the largest in the aviation industry. AVCARD cardholders include large corporate flight departments, fractional and charter operators, government and military clients. Consequently, AVCARD is in a position to help promote our merchant partners to a customer base that is highly targeted and therefore gets results. By participating in our Contract Fuel program your location and prices are highlighted in our electronic weekly price file sent to our cardholder base each Tuesday.

AVCARD® Assigns a Dedicated Sales & Service Professional to Every Merchant

AVCARD® has experienced professionals who divide the world into regions. These individuals stay in constant touch with each of their vendors and are available to resolve any problems you may have. Contact the regional account manager in your area for more information.

Terms and Conditions

If you would like to review our AVCARD terms and conditions, please download it below.