A Day in the Life

We’re celebrating the voices of our employees whose unique stories reflect how identity and perspective shape new career paths.

When COVID-19 hit, our Italy team provided fuel for emergency aircraft to support front line emergency and medical workers. We also created new procedures to ensure 100% contactless operations to adhere to social distancing guidelines while maintaining our strict standards for accuracy and safety.

Aerial firefighting with helicopter on a big wildfire in a pine forest“Fuel tickets issued after fueling higher-risk customers (medevac helicopters, for example), which are traditionally hand-written and signed, were digitized to keep essential personnel safe a process that has been replicated and is now commonplace at many other airports,” said Francesco Pristerà, WFS Italy operations manager.

Our teams in the Pacific Northwest U.S. rose to the challenge when deadly wildfires plagued the region. This exceptionally challenging environment combines low visibility, shifting traffic patterns, and extremely poor breathing conditions.

“Day looks like night. But I feel a responsibility to deliver. We enjoy doing our job and we do it,” said James Stanchfield