AVCARD® recognizes that the FBOs and merchants who accept our card are our partners in assuring that cardholders receive efficient services at every step of the transaction cycle. Our job is to make it easy for FBOs and merchants to transact business with your customers.

We can establish  a direct relationship with FBOs and merchants or through designated distributors or oil companies. By working together, we can ensure our mutual customers get the best service available in the marketplace.

Merchants that participate in our direct program benefit from one of the leading online point-of-sale system for aviation sales - AvPOS.

Benefits for AVCARD® Acceptors

  • Flexible payment options with different rates let merchants optimize their cash flow.

  • Merchants are guaranteed payment since AVCARD® assumes all risk.

  • AVCARD® merchants can choose payment in local currency or U.S. dollars.

  • AVCARD® acceptors can choose from a wide variety of marketing opportunities to promote your facilities and service.

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